AUTHOR: Alisha TITLE: Trade Shows With a Twist DATE: 3/17/2006 09:44:00 AM ----- BODY:
I know two ways for artists and craftspeople to sell their work: 1) Selling directly to a collector or gift giver 2) Selling through galleries and retailers The traditional craft market has many wide avenues to accomplish both. A craftsperson can appeal directly to collectors by selling at a regional fair or festival or by retailing online. They also have another avenue available to them - advertising, conducting direct mail campaigns, or exhibiting in a wholesale trade show to reach gallery owners, catalog companies, and others who re-sell craftwork. The fine art market is another ball of wax altogether. In order for most painters, printmakers, collage artists, or other traditionally recognized fine artists to develop a collecting base, they must follow a less defined path. Their options include: - Trying to hobble together an accepting audience through more contemporary craft events or juried craft markets. - Spending a great deal of time and energy to apply for and exhibit work in quality exhibitions around the country. Prestige, award recognition, and high profile jurors a nice perks that help this process along. - Finding gallery representation If you are able to find gallery representation, one of the great additional options is having gallery support for your work at one of the growing list of affordable art fairs that take place each year. Particularly popular in Europe and Australia, more and more events such as those I'm highlighting below continue to gain strength in the States: NYC's Affordable Art Fair - Galleries represent work ranging from $100 to $5,000. There also are AAF's in Bristol and London. SOFA NY or Chicago - A blend of art and craft, galleries who exhibit at SOFA each year tend to be on the higher end of the craft collecting scale and the mid-range of the art collecting market, particularly sculptural pieces. Single Art Events - 'Single Art' is the name of the show promoter. Their shows are held in Sydney and Melbourne. 75% of all work is from emerging artists with price ranges at or below $5,000. Glasgow Art Fair - Last year marked Glasgows 10th anniversary. Shows similar to this in format and style of work can be found in London, Cologne, and Berlin. There's similar, smaller events too, such as... The Art on Paper Fair - Held in London and connected with the Royal College of Art The Sydney Art on Paper Fair - 2006 marks the 11th consecutive year for this show
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