AUTHOR: Alisha TITLE: Knowing All DATE: 3/13/2006 07:00:00 AM ----- BODY:
There's something incredibly self-serving about blogging. You write your ideas, suggestions, tips, and press "publish post". In an instant your words are online. Answers that no one even solicited by asking a question! I know I don't know everything. That's the profession Martha Stewart and Oprah and a dozen other people have taken up for their respective fields. But for many months (which has now turned into over a year!) I've been neatly bundling up what I do know, and I post it here to share with you. When I started this blog, I was doing so in the path of friend who recommended blogging as a way to solidify my experiences and present ME to the world. At the time I was working for an employer who had a strong take on the art and craft making community. I don't entirely subscribe to that take, it turns out. I hold pieces of it dear to my heart, but several elements don't sing to me. Blogging DID help me sort out my feelings and opinions at a time when I was starting to lose sight of where I began and my employer ended. So, why do I continue to blog? Well, I think for two reasons: 1) I believe all artists and craftspeople should blog. Keep your blog address to yourself, if you like, but the process of journaling... even in a not-so-frequent way as I do... is like taking snapshots and filling a photo album. When I look back at some of my thoughts last June, I'm surprised. I don't entirely disagree, yet my thoughts are colored with another layer of opinion now. Blogging is easy, free, and for goodness sakes... being an artist doesn't mean you can avoid writing. So, just embrace the written word already! 2) I also continue to blog because I believe there are so many misguided opinions being posted out there. The web and the blog worlds are filled with a ridiculous amount of HOT AIR! I recently read a few posts from another craft business blog, which happens to be authored by someone who hasn't even been actively making work for quite some time. Well, it could be assumed that quantity of posts means quality. But in this case it would have steered someone wrong! I don't expect people to read my blog every week or even once a month, but I do feel confident that the ideas I share here are successful tips I've seen MANY artists utilize. I know they are real-world, practical details that I can back up. I'm not anonymous. I stand behind my words. And, I don't post on discussion boards just to "market" my blog and steer people back to it. I do what I do and if you like it, you can read it or tell others yourself. But that's about the end of it for me. Moral of the story? I really don't know it all. And I'm not afraid to admit that. BUT, I do know a lot of artists who have tried a lot of things in their careers... and I thank you for continuing to read along as I share these little snippets with you now and again. Every time I blog I feel like I'm planting a little seed. Gardening, even if just in your blog, is a luxury.
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