AUTHOR: Alisha TITLE: Goal Setting - Consequences DATE: 3/07/2006 07:52:00 AM ----- BODY:
Alright, I think I've nearly exhausted myself and my readers with goal lingo. So this is my final word on the subject for awhile... My last, best suggestion to get you motivated to not just set, but to actually work toward reaching your art business goals. Look... I am a procrastinator of the worst variety. I wait until the eighth hour, then rush around making myself crazy to meet a deadline. I know this about myself and for years I tried to change the behavior. Then, I heard Ellen DeGeneres... Yes, Ellen turned me around! Watching an Ellen DeGeneres comedy routine recently, I was reminded: "Procrastination isn't the problem, it's the solution!" Exactly. It's the answer! And pouring on the self-induced pressure all these years, I suppose I have been fighting with the very thing that has made me push more, do more, and be more successful. Some of my best work comes out at the last minute because I have no choice but to drowned everything out except the task in front of me. Procrastination gives me focus. So, you want to be a successful, self-supporting artist or craftsperson? And, you know a million and one things you need to work on, learn, or develop to get you to that goal? What you need now is to SET YOUR GOALS IN STONE by BUILDING IN CONSEQUENCES. Your graceful walk towards the goal will turn into a gallop (or in my case, a procrastination frenzy) when you take time NOW to... ... mark your calendar with the date you expect to accomplish a task; ... plan a studio open house, release party, unveiling, or opening night; ... print postcards or invitations for your open house or new work unveiling; ... invite your peers, people from your network, and those you admire to attend your event; ... post your event date and some rough details of what you hope to accomplish on your own blog. Imagine having a party at your home or studio to announce your business name, reveal your logo, unveil your latest work, or have a group critique session. Would it really be so difficult to just put a simple consequence on the horizon that pushes? Procrastinate tomorrow. Mark your calendar today.
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