AUTHOR: Alisha TITLE: Art Bloggers DATE: 2/07/2006 05:50:00 PM ----- BODY:
Blog is the Word. Art and craft are the ever present Bible. Last year web was the debated issue among galleries. This year blogs are what I expect to hear everyone talking about at the big winter shows. There are more than a dozen good reasons I can identify off the top of my head as to why ALL artists and craftspeople should promote a weblog that they post on quarterly, bimonthly, weekly, or just whenever time and interest allows. My Top Three: 1) A blog is easier and much more attractive than a print newsletter. Time saved is more time in the studio. And, in this case, free software and pre-made templates will add to your professionalism. 2) You can have a blog even if you don’t have a website. Actually, it’s better than having a website. You can post images on it, as well as descriptions. No need to fuss with making a functional shopping cart. When it’s all said and done, how much volume would you have to do to justify the monthly work to keep up your full website? Ug… Too much time and energy down the drain. 3) Blogs make your stories come alive. It’s okay if you spell things wrong on occasion. It’s also okay if you never post an image. The key is to simply get your stories in print. How many little details about your work would you just love to share with someone but rarely get the chance? Using your blog as a way to relate how you started making and selling work, what your early days and first designs were like, or why certain pieces are so much more closely tied to your heart over others are all fantastic ways to push your artistic story into the stratosphere. So, I urge you to make a simple, first step today. Pick a blog name. Register your blog. And start posting on it. I promise, you don’t HAVE to share the address with ANYONE. But you will slowly begin to appreciate how the simple act of journeying your process helps you and helps others. It’s a lovely, easy way to give and take.
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