AUTHOR: Alisha TITLE: The Musical Studio DATE: 1/12/2006 04:17:00 PM ----- BODY:
I have my studio day timed out... I begin with 2 CD's. With a 3rd CD, I take a break. I eat an orange, munch on carrots, or sometimes make tea. I also try to clean my work tables, sweep the floor, take out trash. CD number four has me back at one work table or another. Five is lunch and rearranging things on my critique wall to get a new perspective. Six and seven is usually my last push of the day. I can, of course, work longer... but I notice that when I work longer than seven CD's, I get jumpy and make mistakes that require teasing out the following morning. If I'm really absorbed, I have a lull of silence in between CD's that I don't even notice. Suddenly I will look up and laugh... "When did it get so quiet in here?" The newly noticeable silence makes time creep by and I have to go over to the stereo to 'fix' the problem. So, why is this worth mentioning? Well, I don't just believe music sets a certain mood in my studio, I happen to know that it puts me into a trance, of sorts. At first I hear the sound and hum, sing, or even dance along. But, as the music continues to play and I keep my energy focused on the work at hand, I stop hearing the sound. I am nearly hypnotized by work! And music is my key to that kind of studio focus. Consequently, I can't imagine having a studio without a stereo! It's one of those "essentials" that I often forget to acknowledge, but would be devastated to give up. How about you? What keeps you motivated and MAKING art in your studio? What are the sounds that keep you buzzing?
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