AUTHOR: Alisha TITLE: Being Good Enough DATE: 1/17/2006 06:10:00 PM ----- BODY:
American Idol. I love it. No, I don't watch the main show. But, every season I do look forward to the 2 hour American Idol kick off, showcasing all the best and worst of the audition process. And, every season without fail, I walk away dumbfounded after the two hours. How in the world can so many people believe they are good enough at something to travel to an audition, wait in lines for hours, only to stand in front of three judges, all the while being video taped... exposed? In tonight's season opener Simon tells one contestant, "Well, that was a mess... a ripe mess!" The girl storms out of the room crying and telling people how great she is and how wrong they are. How stupidly, pathetically wrong they are. Next a girl rushes out of the room with her acceptance paperwork. She's going to Hollywood for the next round of auditions. She gets in an argument with the girl standing next to her, who didn't think she was a good enough singer to be accepted and is surprised by her acceptance. Instead of singing to demonstrate her worth, the Hollywood-bound contestant rolls her head, "I didn't just sing. I performed!" She is perhaps saying that it isn't just about having talent or a voice... It's about charisma, drama, and stage presence, which she feels she delivered in spades. Isn't this shockingly similar to the art market? There are those who think they have talent, yet you look at their work, turning your head this way and that... wondering if you're the only one who doesn't "get it". Where is the greatness in their work? Is this an 'inside joke'? Then there are other artists, who are good enough to pull it off. They keep at it. They find the 'X' factor in presentation, improve how they talk about their work, or succeed through sheer persistence. They may not have talent, but they push through with drive. American Idol is a singing competition, but to me it's a slice of hope... blind, brave, and otherwise. And, we all need hope that making our art is worthwhile. Don't we?
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