AUTHOR: Alisha TITLE: Pining for an Opinion? DATE: 4/22/2005 05:23:00 PM ----- BODY:
I checked my email tonight and received a surprising message from someone who disagreed with my opinion and not only chose to tell me so, but I feel, presumed I didn't have my facts straight. I know I have clearly stated here time after time that my postings are simply my take on things. You may have a different take. Still another person may have a third perspective. Having said that, let me clarify my position... - I am sometimes wrong. If I am wrong email me and tell me so. My email address is AlishaVincentATcomcastDOTnet. - On opinion issues, sometimes our opinions will differ. If you would like to share this, email me at AlishaVincentATcomcastDOTnet. - If you would like to openly disagree with me on your blog or web site, great. You might be surprised to know that I would be interested in sharing this difference of opinion with my readers. So, email me and I will link to your post. Again, my email is AlishaVincentATcomcastDOTnet. So, to recap: I don't know everything and, horror of horrors, I don't pretend to. However (a BIG "however"), I do post only on topics I have some base of knowledge on. So, if you disagree with me, you shouldn't expect me to shrink in a corner and say, "Oh. Ok. I shouldn't have said that." I stand by what I say and I stand by what I post.
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