AUTHOR: Alisha TITLE: Important Studio Warning! DATE: 4/02/2005 05:41:00 PM ----- BODY:
Today I write with an important art studio warning. If you are not sitting down right now (What? You're actually standing at your computer?!), please do so now. Read ahead with caution. I highly advise you put a mini refridgerator in your studio if you do not currently have one. A highlight of my Saturday (today)? Plugging in the mini fridge and standing back, tapping my toe, peeking in every few minutes to see if it was cold yet. At the first sign of a slight chill I zipped out of the studio, locked the door, and sped over to the convenience store. My purchases? Something practical - H2O. Something impractical - Ice cream! Flashing lights and hazard signs were all over but I was on a chilly, electric Cloud Nine. Do not... repeat... DO NOT do as I do. Please, do as I am s a y i n g. My fellow creatives: Avoid Ben & Jerry's in the studio at all costs! Damn. Why did I have to buy the model with a little freezer compartment? I'm doomed for sure.
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