AUTHOR: Alisha TITLE: My Secret's Out DATE: 3/30/2005 06:40:00 AM ----- BODY:
Ok, ok, ok. I’ve received a slew of emails in the last few weeks asking where I have been. Hmm… well, it’s confession time. I’ve been having an affair. Eeee…. I get giddy and excited just *thinking* about it! Who am I having the affair with? Well, it’s not a “who”, exactly. It’s STUDIO 110. Yep. I signed the dotted line on a new studio space just before leaving for North Carolina. A HUGE studio space. Four big windows. Heat and air conditioning. A working sink (Ahh.. little miracles!) Tall ceilings. A mailbox. My name hanging next to the door. Oh, and a blank room, full of possibility and promise. I can’t forget that. So, most of my waking free moments in the past two weeks have been invested in a new series of work, as I get to know my new studio space and it gets to ‘know’ me. Thanks for having patience. Thank you to those who have helped keep my secret… until I was ready to let it out. And, stay tuned for when I move this blog to it’s next step… a web site featuring a few peeks into my studio life as an artist. I’ve marked June as my goal for an open studio event to coincide with my ‘web opening’. AHA! I bet some of you are still scratching your heads! You had NO CLUE I made MY OWN work, now did you? Yep. I definitely like to talk the talk. But, I also enjoy walking it now and then. ;)
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