AUTHOR: Alisha TITLE: Weekend Links - Artful Jewelry DATE: 1/07/2005 07:12:00 AM ----- BODY:
And, this Friday, I give you the first of many "Weekend Links". The intention here is to provide great links to art or craftwork which may be a good Friday diversion for you, or something to pass the time on a slow and sleepy weekend morning. I begin the year with clever jewelry designs, because goodness knows there are far too many strung beads in the world as it is. Silversmiths and bench jewelers need all the support (and purchases) they can get! Enjoy... and guess which artist's work I will be buying this month: Baharal-Gnida, who I understand just recently wrapped up a residency at the SCC in Pittsburgh. Pio - A few not-so-pratical ring designs you could poke your eye out with, but overall she offers a simple and attractive collection in a cohesive style. Photo Jewels to hold your dearest memories. Small Things Designs - Good things do come in small packages!
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