AUTHOR: Alisha TITLE: Play it Again, Sam DATE: 1/19/2005 06:33:00 PM ----- BODY:
Eight months ago my letter to editors at Art Business News was published, complimenting them on a surprisingly balanced publication, covering art and the business of selling art. Two months later their staff roster changed and operations were shifted to another state, under new ownership. Then, just a few weeks ago I commented on the Editor's Note, touting the success "eBay artists" find when selling their work through their online auction pages. (I still scoff at this one, by the way.) But today the January issue finally crossed my desk. Ok, so they have renewed my interest. How surprised do you think I was to see that their lead story mirrors this very blog? However, I once again hang my head to address ABN editors and writer Debbie Hagan: While I genuinely applaud the article and your touching the hot potato topic, I have some real concerns. Why address museum name changes that are dated by two or more years? Where was your coverage in 2002, when this issue made every front page? What new ideas or attitudes are you really bringing to the discussion, this far after the fact? I would have hoped to hear what traffic increases or decreases have occured in years since the American Craft Museum was re-dubbed the American Museum of Arts & Design Why discuss the touchy definitions surrounding “craft” and “art”, but then end the article with a distinct tone of (I’m paraphrasing here.)… “Oh, well. It’s just a semantics game. If Michael Monroe says ‘craft vs. art’ is now a non-issue, then that’s newsworthy and it, in fact, IS a non-issue.” And, most importantly, did you have a straight face or were you holding your ribs and brushing the tears away, when you penned sentence after sentence on the ‘hearty banter’ exchanged over the plural of “art” and “arts”, or “craft” and “crafts?” Maybe I’m the only lost reader. Please, guide me.
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