AUTHOR: Alisha TITLE: Early and Often DATE: 11/01/2004 06:46:00 AM ----- BODY:
Unless you live under a rock in Siberia, you know that tomorrow is Presidential voting day in the US. Now, if you have an arts business, I have a radical new way for you to approach election day. Go vote for your Presidential candidate. Then, why not place a vote for yourself? Normally when we set a goal, we look ahead and attempt to forecast our future. We usually reach for something accessible. Afterall, who wants to fail? However, imagine if you set a goal to, once every four years, place a vote on your art career. How can you vote for yourself? Take a portion of November second to vote 'YES' on your creative career by: - planning a vacation to take place in the next four years - choose a class or skillset that will boost your creativity - turn your promotional plan upside down and budget to hire a professional My point here is simple. Every four years Americans get a strong dose of 'what if'. We (most of us) take time to consider 'what if' we had a new President and Vice President. 'What if' the course of the country were to have an entirely new approach or lead in a new direction. Even re-elected incumbent Presidents make adjustments in their second year. So, tomorrow... why not vote for art career and set a goal to change something, turn it upside down, flip it inside out in the next four years. One goal. One vote. Make it count.
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