AUTHOR: Alisha TITLE: Hope Alone DATE: 10/27/2004 06:00:00 AM ----- BODY:
I met a girl today who went on and on and on about her work. She's traveled to other countries to 'study' painting. She has dabbled in nearly every medium. Intermittently, she dropped reference to a "solo show" she was building a body of work for. "Enough already", I thought. "Where is your W O R K?" And there it was. From her bag she produced an envelope of slides, about 60 in total. None were marked and, as she held one sheet at a time to the light, she twisted and turned the sheet because they weren't inserted in any organized fashion. One look. They were awful. And I mean horrendous. My suggestion? Hope, alone, cannot create an art career. The same can be said of talent. If you are filled with talent but have no drive or assertivness to reach your goal, you might as well have nothing. In the end, I suggested the hopeful artist take more classes, find anyone and everyone who was willing to critique her work, improve her organization and presentation skills, and... not harbor preconceived notions of what her career should look like. Maybe she has a future as an art teacher for young children. Perhaps she will find that a series of notecards and prints is of more interest than they oil painting/fine art gallery route. We are what we allow ourselves to achieve.
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