AUTHOR: Alisha TITLE: Two Words I Hate DATE: 9/13/2004 07:34:00 PM ----- BODY:
I hesitate to even say them now... Two simple words that are so overused, so rarely used well, and so filled with shallow meaning. The words? UNIQUE and WHIMSICAL (I cringe just typing the last one.) If you use either word in your company name, tag line, advertisements, or promotional materials, make a change today! Remove these words from your life. Find an alternative way to express what you really intend to say. If you find yourself saying 'whimsical', instead try substituting a more descriptive word that relates to a tangible aspect of the work. Is it colorful? Is it light-hearted? Is it childlike? Is it youthful? Is it humorous? Is it cheery? If you find yourself gravitating toward 'unique', remember that all handmade art or craftwork should be unique. If your work is not unique, then one can only assume you are copying someone else's idea. Instead eliminate this word all together and move on to talking about what specifically sets your work apart and makes it different from others working in your medium. Don't linger on the fact that you're different. Dwell in what details make you different. Good luck as you step away from the old and into the new.
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