AUTHOR: Alisha TITLE: Stereotypical Art Buyers DATE: 9/24/2004 06:18:00 AM ----- BODY:
People that buy art and craft are often the same people that stay in nice hotels, order room service, and hail cabs because their feet hurt. Yes, I am generalizing here. But, what is the common theme with each of these three things? People that buy art don't just like to be pampered, they feel they deserve to be pampered! Typical art buyers have a manicure now and then. Regular art buyers often subscribe to more magazines than they really have time to read and don’t mind the frivolous expense. I didn’t write the stereo type, I’m just reporting on it. Knowing this is the target group all art and craft makers have in common allows us to learn more about this group and exploit their accessibility. (Within reason.) Have you ever considered selling your paintings, prints, photos, or wall art to a high-end hotel or spa? Have you ever considered advertising you art or artistic services in a higher end publication for people who own, decorate, and/or remodel larger homes? Have you ever considered having an art open house at your studio to pamper your top collectors or those whom your galleries recommend as strong potential buyers? Have you ever considered working with a city limo company to advertise on the back of their business cards, plan a cooperative mailing, or provide them with a small number of pieces as gifts to their top clients around the holidays? Have you ever considered contacting a symphony, opera house, or theatre company to pay to send a brochure or postcard to their mailing list of culture vultures? The questions above are meant to open your mind to larger possibilities that could help you reach more exclusive clients who can afford, appreciate, and understand the value of strong artwork. Not all will apply to your work, but they are each worth consideration.
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