AUTHOR: Alisha TITLE: Gifting is Good DATE: 9/17/2004 04:52:00 PM ----- BODY:

On DAY 1 of the music festival we visited the ‘Art Fair’ section of the park. On DAY 2, we went back and bought things. I came away with a lovely handmade purse with a satin lining and fun banana-motif exterior. There are several things I loved about this woman’s work but most noteable was something she may or may not have even designed! Standing outside the booth, I saw no less than four women wearing her purses. This was important because…

  1. I was flip-flopping on buying and seeing other people model her purses reminded me how great I would look with one.
  2. It wasn’t really that expensive. Sure, I could make one at home but it isn’t quite the same as buying it from someone who really cares about the craftsmanship. These other people had her purses so it was proof that they weren’t outrageously priced and I was just making excuses.

Now, I noticed after I made away with my new purse purchase that two of the women I saw were actually her booth assistants. One brought her a drink and another stood next to her chitchatting.

Did they buy her work or did she ‘gift’ it? Hard to say. But it reminds you and me that gifting is, in fact, good. It’s not just a nice gesture. It is also about advertising!

The right gift to the right people at the right time will be the best placed advertising you may possibly be able to affordably get away with.

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