AUTHOR: Alisha TITLE: Do You Have the Time? DATE: 9/10/2004 07:29:00 PM ----- BODY:
If you consider yourself a part-time artist or craftsperson with a full-time day job, you are probably worn out by the time you get home in the evening. When I was fresh out of art school I had a similar experience. My days were exhausting, yet I looked forward to getting home and making something. Some days my fingers literally tingled with excitement. But, walking in the door each evening, all I wanted to do was flop on the couch and be waited on! Sound familiar? Believe it or not, this is the same thing you have in common with the full-time artist who doesn't have a grueling day job. The job, it turns out, is often not what's keeping you from having more time for your work. Often, the problem is you! (Bare with me here.) Tonight I changed my clothes, put on my tennis shoes, and stood in front of the exercise bike, staring it down. I didn't 'have time for it' last night or the night before. In truth, I haven't 'had time for exercise' in weeks. The same can be said of people who 'don't have time' to make things or be in the studio. If you want to achieve it, you have to set it as a priority. It doesn't have to be your top priority every hour of every day. But, if it is important enough it must register on your priority meter at some point of every day. So, the next time you walk in the door and wonder where the time went... remember you aren't in control of how quickly the time flies by, but you are in control of how you manage it. Create a schedule, include studio time, and then stick to it. You will feel better about yourself in the end. I promise.
----- COMMENT: AUTHOR:Anonymous Anonymous DATE:11/09/2004 11:15:00 AM I came across your blog while surfing on Again I must say that you have some amazing links, and your posts are very interesting. They are at times for me inspiring, educational, and even sometimes are the “Voice of Reason,” for those that contemplate a foray into art/crafting entrepreneurship. ----- --------