AUTHOR: Alisha TITLE: One Way to Organize a Line DATE: 8/27/2004 07:36:00 AM ----- BODY:
So, you make art work and feel you have a saleable product. But you don't feel you have a 'line' or a central theme. What do you do? Try the Post-It Plan... Does your work have a theme? Maybe you have pieces with an aquatic theme, other designs that focus on wildlife, and still a third group of designs with leaf motifs. Lay your work out on a table according to these themes first, then according to level of involvement. Place your time-consuming pieces in one grouping, your easiest pieces to make in a second group, and your other pieces in the middle. Now, organize these groups according to color. If you have too many color lines, take some of the pieces off of the table and limit your pallet. When does this plan become a Post-It Plan? Well, take Post-It Notes and place a one Note in front of each thematic group. Name these groups and write bullet points underneath to list the color options and rough price range within each grouping. You now should have the beginnings of at least three 'lines' of work. Each line has a central focus, a common price point, and a differing list of offerings from the other lines the table in front of you. Let me know how the Post-It Plan helped you. Goodness knows, organization certainly can't HURT you.
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