AUTHOR: Alisha TITLE: It's the Spice of Life DATE: 8/26/2004 08:08:00 AM ----- BODY:
20 fragrances 27 unique sizes 56 different shapes 22 styles of dispensers THAT is variety. But more important than variety, those numbers are representative of a company that has taken a basic idea and pushed it so ridiculously far that you almost wonder if they overshot the mark a bit. (For those who haven't caught on yet, the company is 3M and the product is the Post-It note) How hard do you find it to generate new ideas in the studio sometimes? It’s human nature to revert back to what you have done before, what you are familiar with. Is this your tendency? Or are you who has too many ideas? A tidal wave of creative thoughts—some which are wonderful, some worthless. (This is me, by the way.) The important point here is to ALWAYS generate new ideas in your line. Keep coming up with original designs. Keep reinterpreting old ideas. Keep pushing yourself in new visual directions. Afterall, new ideas fuel new buyers that see your work in a new way. ...Now, stop reading this and get back in the studio already!
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